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The Brands Group Inc
We would work with you on a detailed analysis of your brand including the following:

Brand Equity - an analysis of where your brand is today in the customerís/consumerís mind.

Brand Identity - working with you we would construct the ideal customer/consumer mindset.

Brand Positioning(s) - based on an agreed Brand Identity we would develop positioning statements for specific target group(s).  Note there can be multiple positionings depending on the number of target groups. For example Coca-Cola has a very different positioning for teens versus mothers.

Target Group(s) - based on consumer analysis and brand identity we would work with you to develop the appropriate demographic and psychographic profile for your target group.

We have worked extensively with new brands as well from developing new product and brand concepts, to sourcing production and packaging options and establishing the route to market. In addition we have constructed a wide variety of strategies and plans for brands incorporating everything from website development and social media to innovative promotional programs for both consumers and the trade.
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